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Im Quagsire

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PostSubject: QUAGS FANFIC   Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:10 pm

Chapter 1: Alex was out and about on route 101 just outside of Twinleaf town, Alex loved the hidden pond behind the trees, on summers evenings when he was younger he would get a tent and camp out to see the volbeat dances, the glowing tails reflected off the pond creating a dazzling light show but the slightest movement would scare them all away so Alex learned to stay still.

Today Alex was starting his pokemon journey at the slightly delayed age of 13, but he was starting none-the-less. He had called Proffeser Rowan earlier and had arranged get his first pokemon. The meeting was set at 12:30 but Alex had overslept by the time he had got up, dressed and out the door it was gone 1o'clock Alex was more upset than he had ever been before, so he went to the secret pond to be alone... to his surprise there was a briefcase with a note attached Alex walked over and picked up the note it read
" Alex, If you are reading this note then you found the briefcase i left for you, It contains a pokemon i think is very suited to you, IF i have made a bad choice then please feel free to drop by the lab sometime i dont think you can miss it. Prof Rowan"

"wow" Alex was shocked... How did Rowan know about the pond? what pokemon did he pick? Alex thought that he could find out the second one faster than the first. without hesitation he clicked the locks on the briefcase and examined the contents there was a Pokedex, A bag, five pokeballs a can of water type pokemon food and finally a pokeball with a waterdrop on it.

At this point Alex was thinking that his first pokemon was a water type, and he was right.
When the waterball opened a small blue pokemon appeared, normally new trainers would need to know about their first pokemon but Alex knew ALOT about woopers. they were his favorite pokemon he loved them and he finally had one " WOW " Alex's face lit up " i cannot belive this, um WOW THIS IS FANTASTIC!! , but what to call you... hmmmmm... well i know your evolved form is Quagsire sooooo Quaggy" Quaggy seemed happy with this name.

"So to Sandgem town i guess" Alex said with a smile quaggy wooped, as he did and the two of them started their journey.
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Im Quagsire

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PostSubject: QUAGS FANFIC part 2   Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:11 pm

Alex continued onwards to Sandgem Town with Quaggy by his side, he looked up at Alex with a smile on his face and Alex smiled back at him. Together they walked through a large patch of grass where they were jumped by a wild Bidoof, Alex scanned it with the pokedex to see its moves, Tackle, Growl and take down. The Pokedex's bidoof also looked a different colour to the one stood infront of him, "Oh My God, Wooper lets do this" "Wooper Use Water Gun!" Quaggy launched an almighty Water gun that would rival a hydro pump and hit the bidoof dead on! It flew backwards and collided with a near by tree, but somehow got back up" Ok its time for a pokeball" Alex through the pokeball as fast as he could But the Bidoof launched its self at the ball sending it flying at Alex, it hit him square in the forehead and he fell unconsious.

When Alex regained consciousness he found that he was in a warm building with plenty of computors and monitors, he sat up and realised he was in rowans lab, he heard some of a radio broadcast something about a Rayquaza or something, then he stood up with his head buzzing to see wooper happily playing with one of Rowans assistants Quagsires, "Qu- Quaggy" Quaggy beamed at Alex then happily ran over,
Alex picked him up wrote a note for Rowan and went on his way.

On Route 102 there was alot of pokemon but strangely there wasnt any rain even though it had been forecast for that day, Alex shrugged it off and carried on walking, up ahead he could hear some shouting "Mudkip go Tackle attack" "Yeah Great Job!!!!" Alex went up to investigate to see a trainer battling a Shinx, "wow Quaggy, he has skills" Alex was thinking that he hadnt had a trainer battle yet he tried his luck, "Hey, Do u Leik Mudkipz?" "huh, are you messing with my Mudkip?" "Uhhr No... it was a joke, but if you want a battle i have a good pokemon.. how does one on one sound?" "Sure, by the way im Chris" "Alex are you ready for battle then Chris?"

(im leaving this on a cliffhanger) (( MUHAHAHAHAHA))
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Im Quagsire

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PostSubject: QUAGS FANFIC part 3   Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:12 pm

"Im ready to go if you are Mudkip" barked Chris "kip kip muuuud kip" Replied Chris's Mudkip. "hey Alex are you ready?" "I Sure am, Go get em' Quaggy" "wooooop" Said Wooper.

"Quick Quaggy use Water Gun" Again the little wooper launched an almighty water gun possibly rivaling a hydro cannon! "Dodge it Mudkip quickly!!" The mud-fish pokemon leapt up into the blue sky leaving the water gun hitting Chris dead on, he was drenched. "GRRR Your gunna pay for that! MUDKIP GO FOR A FULL ON TACKLE ATTACK!!" Mudkip tucked in its arms and legs and dove straight at Wooper, But the tackle didnt hit its mark when Wooper side-stepped at the last second, so Mudkip crashed into the floor!
Alex was about to call an attack when an ear splitting roar filled the air, both battlers and their pokemon looked up to see a snake like dragon in the sky! "What the... Is that a?" Alex finished Chris's stentence "Rayquaza"

Both Trainers whipped out their pokedexes to record this rare dragon, Almost as soon it had been logged in the pokedex it left the battle field, Alex watched it fly away while Chris launched a surprise attack
" Take Down, Quick" Mudkip launched itself at Wooper and knocked wooper down, "No Quaggy NOO"
Quaggy went sliding across the wet grass and landed in a nearby pond.

Suddenly Wooper leapt from water launching mud over the battle field toward mudkip, "Wow, I dont think that that was a mud slap, so that was a" "Mud Bomb" the pokedex chimed " in order to learn this move Wooper has forgot the following move, Growl"

Mud Bomb hit Mudkip square in the back of its head, and the battle was over. "Ugh, Your good, well done Alex... Alex?" Alex had seen something in the grass and gone to investigate,There he found, "Thats a shiny bidoof, yess, Go Quaggy get him, The small beaver took one look at the wooper and uttered a fighting Growl, "was this the same one from route 101?" Alex thought to himself, but wasted no time battling "Mud Bomb, Quick" the ball of mud flew at the bidoof and hit its mark, Alex wasnt sure of the Bidoofs HP but he threw the ball nonetheless this time the bidoof entered the ball, its rocked, and rocked, and rocked, then Click, the bidoof was caught "YEEEEEEEEEEEES I CAUGHT A BIDOOF" the pokedex chimed "would you like to nickname the bidoof" Alex thought for a minute, "Biba, i would like to call it Biba" "Was that a shiny bidoof" asked Chris "yeah, and its mine now" Said Alex while beaming with joy.

(note Biba is the Japanese Word for Beaver) (( and longer chapters mean more fun.... right))
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PostSubject: Re: QUAGS FANFIC   

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