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 Jolt's Fanfic :D

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PostSubject: Jolt's Fanfic :D   Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:11 pm

Chapter 1:
Chris was 13 and he always wanted to become a great Pokemon trainer, but he never found the courage to get his own Pokemon and battle. This was the day, he woke up, and called Prof. Rowan to get his first Pokemon. Chris was very excited to pick up his new Pokemon, although he didn't know what he was going to get. Later that day, he had packed some home-made sandwiches, 2 bottles of water, a town map, and said goodbye to his family.
"Today I'm going to start my Pokemon Journey! I cant wait to get my first Pokemon! Lets see, according to this map, Rowan's Lab should be.. Right here! Yes!" Chris entered the lab, looking at all the researchers and technology inside. "Wow this place looks so cool!"
"Hello, you must be Chris?" Said Prof. Rowan
"Yes sir, and you must be Prof. Rowan?"
"Yes, If you could follow me to your selection of your first ever Pokemon, then you could start your journey!" Chris entered a giant room full of Pokeballs and was very excited. Chris followed Prof. Rowan to this small shelf with 3 Pokeballs, each having different colors. There was a green one, a orange one, and a blue one.
"You can pick one of these Pokemon, I chose them to suite you." Said Prof. Rowan.
"Thanks! Uhhm, I would like the uhh..." Chris was examining the beautiful glow of the blue Pokeball. "I'll take the blue one!"
"Thats an excellent choosing."
"I wanna test it out! Can I?"
"Go right ahead, but can you do me a favor and take this Pokedex, and visit me sometime so I can check the data of Pokemon?" Prof. Rowan finished. Chris took the Pokedex, Nodded, and ran outside excited with a shining blue ball in his hand. Chris yelled "Go" and threw the ball out on the grass.

There was a very cute, but strong looking blue finned Pokemon, who yelled Kip, Mud-Kip! Chris whipped out his Pokedex and listened to the chime. "This is the water mud Pokemon Mudkip, it is weak against grass, and has the advantage against electric and fire Pokemon. It's evolutions are Marshtomp at level 16, and Swampert at level 36."
"Cool!" Chris barked, and thought about naming it. "I will name you Schwimmer!"
Mudkip looked up with a pleasant face, Mud Mud KIIPP!!
"Yes! I love this Pokemon! You will be my partner for life. I will Start my journey tomorrow after I get some rest in the Pokecenter." Chris walked into the Pokecenter and fell asleep on one of the beds, with Mudkip's Pokeball in his bag.

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 2   Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:12 pm


Chris and his Mudkip have just started walking their way to Sandgem, while Mudkip starts sniffing and runs toward a patch of grass.
"What is it, Mudkip?" Mud-Mud Mud kiiiippp, Mudkip snorted, brushing its cheek against a half black half white egg.
"Is this a Pokemon egg? That's cool! Theres no one around... poor thing. How about I take you with me? That's an great idea!" Chris picked up the egg and put it in his bag hoping it would hatch anytime soon.
"I wonder how long it will take to get to Sandgem town.. We're running out of supply and I'm tired.."

Chris was worried about where to go, and found a magical mirror hiding in a tree.. looking at a Pokemon that had no legs had a yellow face red striped and black strips on its back, looking almost evil. Chris approached the magical mirror and touched it, white feeling nothing. Chris pushed hard and found his hand going THROUGH the mirror.
"What is this? Should I enter?" mud-mudkipp!
"I'll take that as a yes." Chris entered the mirror and found himself in a different dimension.

It was a weird dimension. Everything was sideways and upside down.. It was a very dark dimension.
"Whe-W-Where.. WHERE ARE WE? Oh my god this is so fricking cool! Although i feel like something is stalking us.." Kip.. mud-mud Kip. Mudkip sounded very scared. Chris entered a really weird room, and when he looked at a wall faces started popping out.
"WAHH!" Chris jumped back and fell like it was endlessly. Later, he woke up with his head hurting and sitting on a floating cloud, with a dragon like snake staring at him. He flipped open his Pokedex, but it said unknown Pokemon. There was a saddle on this Pokemon, and a dark figure sitting on it.
"Hello stranger. Why have you come to my dimension?" the shadowy figure said.
"I don't know, I saw this magic mirror and entered it, next thing I know, there was faces popping out of the wall, and I woke up here." Replied Chris.
"Well, you shouldn't be here. Raquaza, make a portal to the real world." Raquaza opened up his mouth and a portal opened to what looked like route 101. Chris jumped in and mumbled to himself.
"Raquaza? so that's it name. Cool.

Chris went along route 101, and arrived at Sandgem town.
"Finally!" Chris shouted. Chris arrived at the Pokecenter.
"Nurse joy can you check my Mudkip because I'm not sure if its weak or not."
"It's fine it just needs rest."
"Ok. Mudkip, looks like we're going to have to continue tomorrow. Lets get some rest." Mudkip smiled, and barked Kiipppp, as if it were tired.

(I liked writing this one hopefully it was better then the intro hope you liked it. Leave a comment on what you thought!)

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The Great World of Pocket Monsters.
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PostSubject: CHAPTER 3   Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:30 pm

Chapter 3
Chris woke up and noticed a kid sitting in a corner, playing with his Wooper. Chris went outside and yawned.
"New day, new adventure!" He shouted. Chris went on to route 102.
"If I wanna become a great Pokemon trainer, I should train!" Chris saw many Pokemon but started to battle a Shinx.
"Mudkip, use Tackle!" Mudkip backed up, ran swiftly towards the Shinx, and the Shinx turned around and growled SHHH-SHINXXX!!! Mudkip got a full out blow on Shinx, and it looked as if it were weak already. The Shinx got angry and started to look angry. Shinx used some kind of spark attack.
"Mudkip, quickly Dodge!" Mudkip sidestepped, and the spark attack hit the ground.
"Mudkip, use Tackle!" Shinx got knocked out this time.
"Yeah Great Job!" Chris shouted.

This random guy came over. Hey, don't I know this guy? Chris thought.
"Hey, Do u Leik Mudkipz?" The trainer said.
"huh, are you messing with my Mudkip?" Chris replied.
"Uhhr No... it was a joke, but if you want a battle i have a good pokemon.. how does one on one sound?"
"Sure, by the way im Chris"
"I'm Alex. Are you ready for battle then Chris?"
"Im ready to go if you are Mudkip" Chris Barked. Kip Kip Muuuud Kip Mudkip replied.
"Go get em' Quaggy" "wooooop" Said Wooper.
"Quick Quaggy use Water Gun" The little Wooper launched an almighty water gun possibly rivaling a hydro cannon!
"Dodge it Mudkip quickly!!" The mud-fish pokemon leapt up into the blue sky leaving the water gun hitting Chris dead on, he was drenched.
"GRRR Your gunna pay for that! MUDKIP GO FOR A FULL ON TACKLE ATTACK!!"
Mudkip tucked in its arms and legs and dove straight at Wooper, But the tackle didnt hit its mark when Wooper side-stepped at the last second, so Mudkip crashed into the Ground!

Alex was about to call an attack when an ear splitting roar filled the air, both battlers and their pokemon looked up to see a snake like dragon in the sky! "What the... Is that a?"
Chris finished Alex's sentence.
"Raquaza." Both trainers were shocked, whipping out their Pokedex's, but the Pokemon flew away faster then the Pokedex could record anything.

Chris launched a surprise attack.
"Take Down, Quick" Mudkip launched itself at Wooper and knocked wooper down.
"No Quaggy NOO" Alex yelled. Quaggy went sliding across the wet grass and landed in a nearby pond. Suddenly Wooper leapt from water launching mud over the battle field toward Mudkip.
"Wow, I dont think that that was a mud slap, so that was a"
"Mud Bomb" the pokedex chimed "In order to learn this move Wooper has forgot the following move, Growl." Mud Bomb hit Mudkip square in the back of its head, and the battle was over.
"You did great Mudkip. Return.. That was a great battle and I enjoyed it. Hopefully we will meet again."
"Well, while you just returned Mudkip, I caught a shiny Bidoof!"
"Cool!" Chris Replied.

(long Chapter reply if you liked)

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The Great World of Pocket Monsters.
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PostSubject: Re: Jolt's Fanfic :D   

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Jolt's Fanfic :D
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